Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Taobao Mini Haul + Reviews of my items!

So after about two and a half months of waiting, the giant box of Taobao swag finally arrived at my doorstep! I hosted a GO with four other friends for items like blouses, cardigans and accessories. I didn't allow shoes or bags, but I wish I did because I have a severe lacking in Lolita shoes and bags. However, I have always had trouble with shoe sizing from Taobao, thus why I'm afraid to risk it anymore.

I used the website spreenow.com, which I LOVE. Service is amazing and everything came in correctly. I highly recommend them. The site layout is great and it is very simple and easy to use. I will never use any other Taobao shopping service again. There customer service is also excellent and prompt. I can't wait until my next order, but it won't be until I'm working full time again.

Anyway, onto the photos! (Click the small photos to view them larger!)

Overflowing with stuff!
Item I: Boguta White Petticoat

This petticoat is amazing. My previous petticoats have been handmade or repurposed underskirts, all of which have died. I also never had a proper white petticoat and thus wore my black one with everything. Luckily my closet is mostly dark so it worked out, but I do have a few pieces which white would be better. It might be a little too poofy!

It's made of organza and dot tulle. It's also lined with tiered white cotton fabric. It's simply perfection. Totally recommend it. I really do want it to flatten out a little though.

Item II: AP Style Knit Cardigan

I really wanted this in Red but it wasn't available, which is still disappointing to me because it would have matched more items in my wardrobe if it were red. I ended up deciding on Brown instead, which I do like. I plan on wearing it this coming weekend for a Chocolate meetup! The knitting is very sturdy, the yarn is quite thick and durable, and seems like it will be very warm. Hopefully I can get Red next time if they offer it again. I also liked the Cream which one of my friends had gotten.

Technically this is a replica item, but it's not print and a pretty generic lolita/girly style cardigan, so it's not anything to fuss about honestly.

Item III: Elpress L Off White Chiffon Cardigan

I was floored by how princessy and extravagant this is in person. Seriously, I don't own anything so fancy and I'm almost questioning whether or not I should keep it, but it's so pretty I don't know if I can stand to part with it. Currently it matches like one thing in my wardrobe, which is a little ridiculous, but hopefully I cam make/acquire some more OTT pieces to go with it. For now it's going to sit tight in my closet. 

Plus this item held up our order for an extra 2 weeks so for now it's staying!

Item IV: Pumpkin Cat Chiffon Bolero

This will be my new staple for Summer gothic/dark colorway coordinates. It's so light at flowy and excellent quality! I wish I got this is Cream too! Hopefully I can snag that next time around. It has this adorable bow embroidery on the lace as well. This is the perfect piece!

Item V: Pumpkin Cat Chiffon Blouse

This is my favorite item of the whole haul. It's amazing quality, awesome craftsmanship, lovely details! Exactly as pictured too, it's just too perfect. I tried it it on and it fit perfectly. It's a great piece and coordinates with basically all my dark colored JSKs effortlessly. It comes with this detachable neck tie which I could even use with other blouses if I really wanted too.

I really can't wait to wear this. The sleeves are my favorite!

Pumpkin Cat is such a great Taobao brand and I will be stalking them form here on out. They had a lot of other fab items that were either out of stock or they didn't have the color I wanted available. They are in fact pretty popular.

Item VI: Infanta Black Chiffon Blouse

Okay so this one was a slight disappointment. The overall construction is great and it's soft and pretty. Firstly, I wish I got it in Cream. I had a Cream Surface Spell Blouse originally in my order, but when SpreeNow placed the order it was no longer available, which was so disappointing. By then they had already placed the order for this one in Black. Secondly, though the fit is great (I purchased Size M), the elastic in the sleeves is awfully tight! It literally cuts off my circulation. I think I have no choice but to replace it so it has more give. Otherwise it's fine, but I still wish I had Cream because now this blouse is so similar to the Pumpkin Cat one. Oh well...

I am in serious need of a long sleeve chiffon blouse in Cream now. 

Item VII: Alice Garden Cream Floral Crown
Item is no longer available but here is a link to their shop: http://shop67752482.taobao.com/?spm=a1z10.1-c.0.0.ZWBuHz

It's cute but I don't know why there are those feathers on it! It wasn't like that in the picture... I was thinking if I should cut them off but it doesn't take away from the overall look when on so I guess I will just leave it alone. 

I've been collecting a lot of these floral crowns recently. I think they are my favorite accessory. I like adding other roses into my hair with them too. Garden head all day every day. 

That's all folks! I also took pictures for my super late Wardrobe 2015 post which I should have up hopefully sometime this week. I'm unsure if it's still okay to post it on EGL, but I will definitely be posing it here.

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Taobao-ing!