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Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Plans for 2015

I'm dubbing 2015 and my year of "Lolita Reawakening", and why? Well, after rekindling my love for the fashion after my trip to Japan last Summer, my desire to fully submerge myself in the Lolita lifestyle (not textbook lifestyle, but more in a general sense of the term) has really kicked in this year.

I. Sewing, Crafting, and Design

Creatively I'm owning up to my true "lolita senses", sewing lolita garments and accessories exclusively since the beginning of the year and continuing to stay inspired to create more. I've decided that at this point of my life that the fashion is definitely something that will always be a part of me and my design sentiments and aesthetics. There is no room for denying it anymore. I found that throughout my college years and even after I graduated in May of 2013, the love for lolita fashion repressed in me a lot due to being busy and not having much money or time for the hobby. Then I began working full time, and the money became less of a problem, but the drive was still lacking.

Then Japan happened last Summer. Life altering changes in my desire to wear lolita fashion.

Then job loss happened, but the desire for lolita fashion has not subsided. Now I basically found the motivation to sew lolita clothing full time since I haven't returned to work yet, and it has been working out rather well. I recently sold a full three piece collection of garments! I have a list of requests and a hoard of fabric to get to!

I also have a few pieces overdue to make for myself. Some examples:

 Powder Blue Antique Rose Rococo OP

Fabric is a Mary Rose Collection floral from
Mary Magdalene's Antoinette Fleur OP
This dress is like what, three or four years in the making for me? As soon as I saw the original release of Mary Magdalene's Antoinette Fleur, I simply fell in love with the silhouette and wanted to make one of my own for myself. I found this gorgeous floral fabric and I knew it was meant to be. 

I sketched my ow design for this in my journal awhile ago but I think I will make some changes to that, so I won't share it here because I'm sure it will change. I do want my sleeves a little more dramatic. I hope to have the bodice pattern done soon so I can make the dress in time for upcoming events that I will discuss later. 

I'm still looking for a nice textured cotton fabric in white to pair with the floral print. 

Floral Stripe JSK

Fabric is another Mary Rose Collection fabric from Shabby Fabrics.
Mary Magdalene yet again!

I bought this fabric at the same time as the other one planning to make a JSK like these Mary Magdalene ones. The one on the right is Rose Basket, and the one on the left is another one of similar design. I did a quick messy sketch the other day and I really want to make it the real deal soon because it's been way to long. I want to add lace to the straps as well as a ruching detail on the bodice out of lace. The striping style of the fabric I have is extremely similar and overall I want to keep this dress simple. I want to do pleats too, which is something I have only sewn once, so it will be a nice challenge. I can't wait for this one to be done so I can have it in time for Spring.

I also have these recent fabric purchases to deal with! Books, Crosses, and Bibles! I plan on making a book print JSK for myself and one to sell. I was inspired by the ones IW and JetJ realeased a little while ago. I haven't decided on the designs yet. I also plan to make a cross print JSK/OP for myself as well, but I have four yards of it, so additional garments for sale will come there too. I'm also selling all of the Bible print dresses/skirts. 

This is not even all the fabric I have. There is so much work to be done and I can't wait to see it all come together this year.

II. Expanding my Wardrobe

The bulk of this really occurred last year, but I finally have a wardrobe I'm proud of and quite satisfied with. I just received the items from my recent Taobao GO, which were some essential items like blouses and cardigans. Though I still don't have much compared to some other lolitas, I'm still quite satisfied with my current wardrobe. I purged a lot of my older items last year too, leaving me with a fresh new start.

My true goal for 2015 is to have a handmade JSK, OP, or Skirt to equal the amount of brand ones I own. Then I believe I will really be happy with my wardrobe. Yes I have many dream dresses, but my handmades are my true treasures.

In addition, I am severely lacking in the shoe and bag department. I'm in serious need of a black bag suitable for gothic lolita that functions as an every day bag. I don't want anything in some type of shape (like a coffin, bat, etc), and I prefer a bag that can convert into a sling satchel or back-carry, like those three-way school bag style purses. I want them in black, brown, and beige. After that I'm basically set for life, so that's my goal to acquire this year. And in terms of shoes, all I want is shoes that are comfortable and cute. Most of my current shoe collection is ill-fitting and difficult to wear and I'm really fed up with it. I also have very large feet for my petite stature (about a 26cm) so buying shoes overseas is always a big drama and basically impossible. Bodyline is pretty much my best bet.

III. Meetups and Gatherings

I've been attending more meetups too since the end of last year and now this year the momentum is keeping up. I have a meetup or event to attend almost every weekend for the months of February and March! It has been great and I find I'm becoming more open to others socially, which was always difficult for me. I'm also taking charge and planning my own meets too. I've been a member of my local community since 2008.

I have a meet up and coming that I'm hosting, in which I'm leading (with the help of a few other lolitas) groups of ladies around New York City's acclaimed Garment District, where fellow lolita DIY-ers can purchase fabric, trim, and notions for their planned sewing and crafting projects as well as seek guidance on said projects from seasoned seamstresses and crafters of the community. I'm hoping it will be successful and informative for everyone and I can keep hosting them in the future.

I also want to plan a Classic Lolita/Rococo themed picnic in Prospect Park in Brooklyn for the late Springtime. Nothing too large scale, most likely just a gathering with a few friends. We'll have some games, easy breezy foods (and not all sweets!), drinks, possibly ride the boat by the pond? Just a tentative idea.

It's too early to have anything solid for International Lolita Day, but I'm still excited about the possibilities! I hope this year will be a busy year for me in the world of meetups.

I don't wear lolita much outside of meetups, but I do hope to change that and wear it at other appropriate times too.

IV. Big Events

Rufflecon. Rufflecon. RUFFLECON!

You can see me pictured here on the far right below the logo! Image via
After last year I'm freaking out like crazy about what's in store for this year! Tickets will be on sale soon and I can't wait to snag mines! This time it will be in Stamford, CT which is an hour long train ride from the city via Metro North (opposed to Hartford, which was about under two hours).

I'm so freaking excited.

This time I want to have handmade outfits for every day of the convention, which is why I have to get in gear to have many options for when the event rolls around. I do have time though, but I want everything to be flawless. The level of coordination skills was so high that everyone has to be on their A+++ Game all weekend long. I considered vending, but I don't think I'm ready to do that yet. Hopefully by 2016 I will have the opportunity. Maybe I'll sell via the consignment room or the Lolita Collective (if that is at all possible).

Will I go for VIP tickets this year? That would depend on my funds and the availability. But my body is so ready.

I also have to be less shy and talk to more lolitas this time around! I was painfully reclusive last time, and I feel like I shot myself in the foot. Since I'm also there to connect with potential customers, it's important to network!

This is looking so far to be a huge year. I'm being optimistic and taking things one day at a time.

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