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Lolita Blog Carnival: How I've Changed in Lolita Over the Past Year

Hello fellow frillies! Welcome to my new blog, and my second post in participation in LBC! I mostly lurked and read along, but now I want to become a more active member again! It's been too long, my last participatory post was sometime back in 2012! It's 2015, and it's time for this to change! This will be my blogging year.

Now lets get to todays topic!

How I've Changed in Lolita Over the Past Year

This year was a huge year for me in Lolita fashion. I'm sort of a lolita veteran now, introduced to the fashion in 2006, fully submerged in the fashion by 2008, and an active member off and on since. I did plateau a bit though. While trying to graduate from college I had to take an informal break from the fashion due to monetary and time reasons. I was a Fashion Design student for four years, and it took a lot of time and effort, so my involvement in the fashion dipped during that time.

My closet was also very small, mostly made of of handmade and offbrand pieces. Not that those pieces made me any less of a lolita, but it wasn't enough to wear every day, and it lacked variety. I had a couple brand pieces from BTSSB by around 2012, both as gifts as I couldn't afford my own brand pieces at the time.

But in 2014, everything accelerated quickly. I had a nice paying job (one that in turn was lost recently, my previous blog post discusses this if you are interested), I was able to take my dream trip to Japan (you can also read about that here - Part One) and thus able to finally shop for all the lolita items of my dreams. After many many years of dreaming, I was able to purchase my first brand pieces with my own money. It was very empowering! Not only were they my first brand dress purchases, but they were made in the land of the origin of the fashion itself, which made it even more special to me. I was glad I waited until the right opportunity in life to really be able to freely buy my own lolita clothing.

I managed to get the Brown IW Cuttlery Print in the Shinjuku Innocent World store and the Meta Secret Library in the Meta Shop in Marui One. The three AatP pieces were purchased between the two Closet Child locations in Harajuku and Shinjuku. Months of saving and planning led up to this and I was very happy and proud. These are all such special pieces to me now that I could never part with.

I also had more time to focus on my handmade items. I'm a dedicated lolita seamstress and working toward making it my career, and in the past I lacked time to really constantly create the pieces of my dreams.

In 2014, I was able to create the following pieces, some to sell and some to keep to add to my wardrobe...


You can click the photos to see more pictures of these pieces on my sewing blog, DIXMACABRE SEWING CHRONICLE. My latest work is the Antique Lavender Bustle OP, before that was this Bordeaux Floral OP, and lastly the Brown Floral Bustle OP. I kept the first two for my own wardrobe and sold the last one. They are all variations on the same pattern/general style and cut but all with different final results. I love them all and I'm working on more things as we speak!

My overall style has also evolved. At one point I dabbled in all styles of Lolita, but I think my heart lies in Classic and Gothic Lolita. My closet is definitely a reflection of this. Going forward I'm sure it will remain so.

In 2014 I also was able to attend Rufflecon, the first convention of its kind in my local area. It was a whole weekend, up in Hartford, Connecticut, dedicated to Lolita and Alternative fashion. I feel as though I truly evolved by just being there! The coordinates were amazing. Everywhere you looked, you'd have your breath taken away. I honestly wish I could have been more forward in taking photos of/with people, being more social and vocal, participating more actively overall. I'm a very shy and introverted person, so I found myself a bit overwhelmed and nervous. I hope I can do better at the next one.

But I was left so inspired, inspiration that I will keep forever in terms of styling, accessories, designing, and just evoking the lolita life whenever and however I can. I'm ready for 2015!

Thank you for reading!

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