Monday, February 23, 2015

My Dream Rufflecon 2015 Lineup

In the wake of La Vie en Rose, (which I'm eagerly awaiting blog coverage of all the details and photos!) I just couldn't help but to get excited about Rufflecon, which is our equivalent and I believe equally as amazing. 

Yes, Paris is well, Paris. But that doesn't mean that what we got going for us in the USA isn't worth getting excited for! After stalking photos on Instagram every day (check the #LVER tag in instagram, it's just glorious), I feel so inspired and ready for Rufflecon this year, as well as all the Lolita events I plan on attending in my local community, and the ones I intend on planning myself!

But if I could dream a dream of my perfect Rufflecon guest, panel, content, and event lineup, what would it be? And how would I be?

First off, as I said before, for Rufflecon I plan on wearing exclusively handmade dresses and accessories (main pieces at least, not blouses). I need to have about four total outfits for that weekend, possibly five. I might break to do an epic Haenuli Angel of Music super twinning event, but otherwise, all handmade. 

At this point I would say two of those dresses are being worked out, and maybe one will be something I have already made, but it's too soon to know. All I know is that I want to cover all my staple stylings: Simple Classic Lolita, OTT Classic, Classic Gothic, and OTT Gothic. I also need to make two bonnets for two of these looks. 

But back to the point, let's break it down!

Dream Guests for Rufflecon 2015

I have some astronomical dreams for my guest list, and I know it would never happen, but I will continue to imagine. 

Malice Mizer Reunion with Klaha, Kozi, Yuki, and Mana.

The band reunites at Rufflecon to give a concert at the Masquerade Ball. They sing all of the Bara no Seidou album and covers of some of the Gackt era songs (like Syunnikis, oh my god I would love to hear Klaha's rendition of that song.) Klaha is basically awol, so this would never happen, but alas... The photo above is from their brief reunion back in 2010. I would even take this...

Moi dix Mois performs.

This one is a little bittersweet, since K's untimely passing last year, but I bet it would still be amazing nonetheless. If it were both Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois, that would be a little excessive I'm sure, but remember, its a dream! I think I would faint and die from all the glory though, oh well!

Kokusyoku Sumire

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in concert back in 2009 when they gave a show at Webster Hall here in New York City, and they were amazing. I got to hug and talk to them a little too, and they autographed my poster. I would love if they attended Rufflecon this year. I haven't been keeping up with them lately, but if they still make music these days or perform, I would be so happy if they came!

My wall poster!

Kamijo Kabe-don Corner

Need I say more? I think the ovaries of many ladies would explode, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.  And for his male fans, heh you guys too. I know he's already coming for his World Tour, but to have him for a whole weekend? Possibly dangerous, but boy would I love it. I could totally see people stalking him around the hotel though. We would need some super security for him. 

Other than the Kabe-don corner, a Masquerade performance would really do me in. 

If even one of these came true I would be happy, trust me. These guest events would include panels and signings as well!

Dream Events and Content

I'm glad that this year the convention will be spanning the full three days instead of the two it was last year. This means I need to arrive at the con either Thursday night or early Friday morning. This depends on who I will be rooming with at the con and what we can afford accommodation wise. But this year, I'm going to be on point with timing and planning, not like last year when I missed a bunch of stuff and slept in every morning. I also need snacks for the morning and tea, I really need my tea. 

Anyway, lets talk dream events and content!

Fashion Show and Marketplace 
Featuring Haenuli, Innocent World, Jane Marple, Atelier Pierrot, Excentrique, Mary Magdelene - Obscure and Often Unseen Brands

Image via Lace a la Mode Blog - Marketplace Rufflecon 2014
It happening is well, a given. This is the bread and butter of any fashion convention or conference. But to see some of these more obscure or up-and-coming brands like Haenuli, would be quite lovely. 

I'm quite curious about the designers of Jane Marple and Excentrique. I don't know who they are at all so to see that would be quite interesting. I'm over BTSSB and Angelic Pretty shows, not that I don't love the brands because I do, but I really want to see something else. 

I also don't know much about the designer(s) at Atelier Pierrot, so that would be cool too, plus they are one of my biggest inspirations.

I know the Innocent World designer also came to PMX last year I believe? I LOVE Innocent World so that would make me so happy. 

Grimoire Pop-up Shop in the Marketplace

It would be awesome to see Mori, Dolly Kei, and Vintage fashions included in Rufflecon. I'm not sure if its really related, but I believe it is as these styles fuse with Lolita quite often. Maybe at least the tights? They make such lovely tights! Maybe not Grimoire, but just an incorporation of the stylings into items available for purchase or even a panel about fusing these styles with lolita? Is that trend dead? Because I still really like it. Oh well, my blog my opinions I guess. 

Western Indie Brands

I Do Declare © Xin Lolita Photography 2014

I would also love to see the continuance of Indie Brands, and more of them! I also hope to become a part of that soon. It won't be this year, but maybe next year, who knows? My favorites last year were I Do Declare, Morrigan NYC, Moss Marchen, Moss Badger, The Snow Field, and Belladonna. It would also be cool to see brands like Peppermint Fox, Lady Sloth, and 4 O'Clock present as well. 

Classical Music

Ultimate dream would be a constantly playing live orchestra playing little shows throughout the floors of the convention daily, giving a little show here or there and playing works from some of my favorite composers (Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, to name a few.)

I would also just love to see more Lolitas who are classically trained in music giving panels and small performances. There was like one girl there last year but I missed all of her panel and her performance because of conflicts in schedule and I was very bummed about it. I hope there are more this year. I totally missed the talent show wholly last time as well, so I can't say anything about last years performances. 

I would love to see Lolitas play actual instruments all through the weekend in stop, drop, performances. Like girls literally toting around violins, flutes, and other small instruments and playing them here and there. 

Again, I really need to schedule better this year to be sure I see as much as I can. 

That's all I can think of at the moment, do you have any dream Rufflecon guests and events? They can be as farfetched and crazy as you can imagine. Do you have more believable ones too? Leave a comment! I'm super interested! Or write your own post too!

Thanks for reading~


  1. That sounds like an absolutely amazing event!

    1. In my wildest dreams it would come true xD But I bet Rufflecon this year will be fantastic nonetheless.