Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Wardrobe Post 2015

I'm quite late to the party here but I was just in the mood to take the photos for my wardrobe the other day after doing my Taobao Haul post. I was like, well I finally feel confident and a bit set with my current wardrobe, so why not document it? I hope you will enjoy, I don't think I will post it up on EGL or anything. It's just for a bit of personal reflection. 

Very photo heavy so I'm going to place it under the jump!


BTSSB Paris Windows JSK 2007 - Angelic Pretty Tiara Rose JSK 2009

Paris Windows was my first ever brand dream dress. I didn't have money to buy brand dresses back then when I first got into the fashion, so it remained a pipe dream for years until my dear friend Katy offered to buy it for me from Mbok about four years later. The plan is for me to make her a handmade dress in exchange but we have never finalized the design. I am available to her whenever she is ready! She made my first lolita dream come true. I'm forever grateful.

Tiara Rose was another long time dream print that I managed to pick up in the consignment room at Rufflecon last year! I originally wanted the tiered version, but the price on this was so good I couldn't pass it up!

These are the only two pink colorway pieces I own. I only wear pink with black and coordinate these dresses in either a very classic/otome style (Paris Windows) or Sweet-Punk style (Tiara Rose.)

AatP Name of the Rose JSK 2010 - AatP Time of Roses JSK 2011

Name of the Rose is very sentimental to me as well other than it being a dream print. Originally I wanted the Red colorway, but it didn't matter. This was my second brand dress and a gift from my boyfriend. He (with help from his Mom) purchased it for me at Closet Child in Harajuku on his first trip to Japan in 2012. I was so happy and excited to receive it and will never part with it. 

I purchased Time of Roses on our trip to Japan in August 2014 at Shinjuku Closet Child. I almost didn't get it because I had wanted the Black colorway originally, but now that I have this Navy one, I really adore it! It breaks up all the black in my current collection, so it's good.

Handmade by Me Virgin de Guadeloupe Long JSK 2010 - Haenuli Angel of Music JSK 2014

Two of my most favorite pieces. 

I loved the Alexander Henry Fabric print "The Virgin of Guadeloupe" so much that I made myself a JSK! The bodice is black velveteen and you can't see in this photo that it has corset lacing and shirring at the front. The detail is very hard to get in photographs! I love how long it is. It also keeps me warm in winter. I recently wore it for my birthday last month! I'm making a few more pieces in the cream colorway of this print right now!

Angel of Music! My first Haenuli piece (it's important as a fellow up-and-coming indie designer to support my fellow indie brands!) and it couldn't be more amazing. I LOVE Phantom of the Opera, and I love the color combination, the cut, the gold lace, the art, everything! I plan on wearing it for an upcoming Valentines Day Tea Party in all my gothic glory.

Innocent World Antique Cutlery JSK 2014 - Metamorphose Secret Library JSK 2014

Both purchases during my Japan 2014 trip. I've discussed the stories behind these dresses in my previous posts here and here! I love these both so much. I love cutlery prints and hope to acquire a couple more, I also love book and library prints, and I love cats and antiques! Could I ask for more? I think not. These two dresses encompass the majority of my likes in lolita prints. Oh and I love these colors. 

AatP La Traviata JSK 2014 - Enchantlic Enchantilly After Tea Party OP 2014

First was a purchase at Shinjuku Closet Child (the same time I bought Time of the Roses), and I bought it not even having seen it before. It was completely new to me and grabbed my attention with it's vibrant color and print intricacy. My boyfriend convinced me to just go ahead and buy it and I'm so glad I did. The fabric is so thick and textured. It reminds me a lot of the fabric used in the Paris Windows JSK which I just love so much. The story the dress tells is also that of tragedy and melancholy, themes I also love. I hope to see the live opera of La Traviata one day while wearing this dress. 

Second was an impulse buy at Rufflecon last year. Chantilly was one of the special guests and had goods for purchase in the Harajuku Hearts shop in the Marketplace. With some friendly persuasion from my friend Amber, I bought it. I don't regret it a single day. It's SO COMFORTABLE. The most comfortable brand dress I own. It also has a built in petti, convertible sleeves made of chiffon, and a bustle front and back! It's my gothic princess dreams come true. I would love to someday own another in White x Gold. The cut is also hella flattering and looks good on so many body types!

Handmade by Me Antique Postal Floral OP 2014 - Handmade by Me Bordeaux Floral OP 2014

I was originally at first planning to make the first OP pictured here for myself, then midway through sewing it I decided it would be for sale, then after no one bought it for awhile and because I loved it so much, I just decided to keep it. 

Best. Decision. Ever. Made

I haven't worn it out yet, but come Springtime it will be one of the first dresses I crack out. I tried it on recently and it was so nice on. It's one of my few lighter colored pieces. Its a sort of pinkish lavender dusty color. It's very Victorian Maiden-esque. 

I finished the Bordeaux Floral OP last September and then wore it for the first time at Rufflecon High Tea. I'm even pictured in the Winter 2014 GLB Rufflecon spread wearing it (though you can hardly see me, I'm there! Life achievement made.) I can't wait to wear it again without a blouse in the warmer months. It looks great with or without though, same for the first dress. These are my classic lolita staple dresses and I plan on adding two more classy floral handmade dresses to my wardrobe soon that I have the fabric for.


I don't have that many skirts anymore. I made about three or four handmade ones that I have sold off to friends. My first handmade pieces were those skirts, but as I've gone on in the fashion I have lost love for simple skirts. Now I only make or purchase high waist/underbust skirts with waist embellishments - as you will see in the following.

AatP Queen's Coach High Waist Corset Skirt 2010

A literal STEAL at the Harajuku Closet Child for a mere ¥3000! That was around $32 USD at the time! It was damaged however - the looping lace for the back ties was completely torn, but I ended up just cutting it off and removing the lacing and it is good as new as if wasn't even there to begin with. I can't wait to wear this out. I have a really fab coordinate planned for the warmer weather. 

Axes Femme Flocked Chiffon Skirt 2014 - Handmade by Me Taffeta High Waist Skirt Set 2010

First was another Japan 2014 purchase. I LOVE Axes Femme and I wish with all my heart that there was one here in America and preferably in New York City where I live. I shopped their store about three different times at two different locations and I swear I wanted to cry as soon as I walked in. I admired the brand for several years and when I finally got to shop there I was overwhelmed with joy. I got this in the shop location in the mall in Odaiba. The sweetest shop girl persuaded me to get it and no regrets! It's my favorite shade of blue and the flocking is just to die for. Oh and the price? I think it was all but ¥4000 - $42 USD. Doesn't it look like it's worth way more?

The second piece is heavily inspired by the corset skirts from Atelier Pierrot, with some modifications for my personal spin. The underskirt is separate, but if I made it again I would modify the construction because it's way too heavy - not unwearably so though. The center front shirring panel has a black lace overlay. It's very fancy when on and I mostly wear it for special occasions. I want to make a couple more variations for myself in deep red, emerald green, and purple later. 


Short Sleeved Blouses
H&M Clipped Chiffon, Offbrand White Chiffon, Axes Femme Ivory Chiffon, Ancoco Peach Lace

Long Sleeves Colored Blouses
Kmart Lavender, Kmart Pink, Axes Femme Bordeaux 

Long Sleeved White and Cream Blouses
Offbrand, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World

Black Long Sleeved Blouses
Infanta Chiffon, Pumpkin Cat Chiffon, Angelic Pretty Cotton Clip Dot

Bodyline Velveteen Military Jacket

One of my last remaining Bodyline clothing items, but my favorite. All my old ones have been sold off, given away, or I don't wear. 

Handmade by Me Red Brocade Underbust Peplum Vest 2010

A project for my Body Contour class back in college. I love it and it's very versatile. 

The following, as well as some of the previous items, I just reviewed in my Taobao Haul post, again you can see that here.

Angelic Pretty Inspired Knit Cardigan

Elpress L Chiffon Cardigan

Pumpkin Cat Chiffon Bolero


My sock storage! I got this pretty little box for cheap at Conway (which no longer exists here in NYC unfortunately) 

What's inside?

Ankle socks from Tutu Anna purchased in Harajuku

Technically these are too small for my behemoth feets, but I tried on the white ones and it's not bad. I plan to layer them over other tights or wear them as alternatives to tights and long socks in Summer.  

Most of my sock collection trends toward classic lolita. I also have assorted fishnet and lace tights I wear with more gothic outfits, but I didn't picture those since they aren't lolita specific. 

Pictured above:
Juliette et Justine, Innocent World x 4, Juliette et Justine, Meta

Angelic Pretty, Meta, Claires x 2, Innocent World x 3, Moitie 

That pair of dinky kneesocks is the only Moitie clothing item I own. I don't even wear them because they are so short kneed and don't stretch much and look unflattering on but I keep them because I know they won't sell and it's just a piece of Moitie. I'm pathetic aren't I? I can't wait to own an actual dress from Moitie one day - as Mana-sama is the reason I'm a lolita in the first place...ahh well. Dreams and goals. 

Flower Crowns, headbows, and headdresses of various origin from handmades to offbrand, to brand. I only wear like half of these though. God knows the last time I wore that red headbow as I don't even like headbows. The other headbow, the only brand item, matches Name of the Rose and came with my dress, but I never wore it. I can't bare to part with it though since it was part of my gift. I should wear it one day.

My lighter colored classical accessories, again of various origin.

Clip in Flowers and bows, mostly from H&M. These are my hair accessories of choice. I just like piling flowers on my head. It's easy and effortless. My favorite is adding additional clip in flowers when already wearing a flower crown headband. 

I forgot to picture some of my other necklaces, but these are my main favorites, all purchased at Rufflecon. They are Moss Marchen and Moss Badger. I also have a Moi dix Mois pentagram necklace that's one of my favorite go to gothic staples, as well as a Moitie Coffin Necklace. Also a few other random crosses, medallions, and what not. I don't have much.

Hats from The Snow Field - Brown Beret, H&M - Black Bowl Hat, Bodyline - Black Flat Hat, and Ebay Straw Hat, Parasols from Innocent World and Angelic Pretty

My sad shoe collection of half unwearables due to size, lack of comfort, annoyance, and general jacked-up-ness. I really need to overhaul my collection. This is my main focus for my wardrobe this year.

Starting from back row left: The 6" Black Platforms don't fit well (too small) and the inner sole is completely torn out and I had to replace them in addition to them being heavy and hard to walk in. The Dolce boots just hurt my in-step, but I really like them so I think I'm going to try gel inserts, the Black Bow shoes from Bodyline are okay, but they are so noisy when I walk and it drives me insane - I hate the clack clacking. 

Front row left: The brown booties from Aerosoles are the second best of the bunch, they just need a bit more wearing in. The best but least versatile shoe here are the pink Bodyline shoes, because they are my most comfortable and best fitting lolita shoe, but they don't match 95% of my wardrobe. They have been very well loved though. The last pair fro ModCloth is completely unwearable. It's too small and hurts my toes. They are pretty but I may have to part with them and find a replacement cream shoe fast. 

I also have a severe lacking in Lolita purses. My everyday purse is great for classic lolita (not pictured sorry) but I want at least one more solid and reliable brown purse. I also have the Bodyline Bat Bag (Moitie Replica) but it's too clunky and cumbersome and I'm on the hunt for a nice gothic bag thats cute but functional in and out of lolita fashion. I'm partial to satchels and sling bags, I dislike arm carry purses due to their lack of a secure holding and arm pain. Links or suggestions would be appreciated!

My god that was long! I hope you enjoyed it even if it's so late, ramble-y, and irrelevant! Comments are appreciated and thanks for reading!


  1. I love your wardrobe, you've got so many lovely pieces, particularly your handmade ones!

  2. I love your wardrobe and i adore those dolce boots, every time someone posts them it makes me want them more.
    I also love tiara rose in black, i have it in pink though which is not the same. Your floral jsks are to die for and your elpress blouse has the most stunning sleeves ever. <3

    1. Thank you so much! Omg I love the Dolce boots but they are very uncomfortable on me and I keep considering selling them, but I really like them. I may try gel in-soles for it or something.

      Tiara rose in black is the sweetest dress I own at the moment and its probably as far as I would go. I really want to get Magic Whip in black too, both give me that sort of punk-sweet vibe I love so much.

      And I know right! The sleeves are crazy! I need to make something to wear it with as it doesn't compliment anything in my wardrobe at the moment!