Monday, February 23, 2015

My Dream Rufflecon 2015 Lineup

In the wake of La Vie en Rose, (which I'm eagerly awaiting blog coverage of all the details and photos!) I just couldn't help but to get excited about Rufflecon, which is our equivalent and I believe equally as amazing. 

Yes, Paris is well, Paris. But that doesn't mean that what we got going for us in the USA isn't worth getting excited for! After stalking photos on Instagram every day (check the #LVER tag in instagram, it's just glorious), I feel so inspired and ready for Rufflecon this year, as well as all the Lolita events I plan on attending in my local community, and the ones I intend on planning myself!

But if I could dream a dream of my perfect Rufflecon guest, panel, content, and event lineup, what would it be? And how would I be?

First off, as I said before, for Rufflecon I plan on wearing exclusively handmade dresses and accessories (main pieces at least, not blouses). I need to have about four total outfits for that weekend, possibly five. I might break to do an epic Haenuli Angel of Music super twinning event, but otherwise, all handmade. 

At this point I would say two of those dresses are being worked out, and maybe one will be something I have already made, but it's too soon to know. All I know is that I want to cover all my staple stylings: Simple Classic Lolita, OTT Classic, Classic Gothic, and OTT Gothic. I also need to make two bonnets for two of these looks. 

But back to the point, let's break it down!

Dream Guests for Rufflecon 2015

I have some astronomical dreams for my guest list, and I know it would never happen, but I will continue to imagine. 

Malice Mizer Reunion with Klaha, Kozi, Yuki, and Mana.

The band reunites at Rufflecon to give a concert at the Masquerade Ball. They sing all of the Bara no Seidou album and covers of some of the Gackt era songs (like Syunnikis, oh my god I would love to hear Klaha's rendition of that song.) Klaha is basically awol, so this would never happen, but alas... The photo above is from their brief reunion back in 2010. I would even take this...

Moi dix Mois performs.

This one is a little bittersweet, since K's untimely passing last year, but I bet it would still be amazing nonetheless. If it were both Malice Mizer and Moi dix Mois, that would be a little excessive I'm sure, but remember, its a dream! I think I would faint and die from all the glory though, oh well!

Kokusyoku Sumire

I had the pleasure of seeing them perform in concert back in 2009 when they gave a show at Webster Hall here in New York City, and they were amazing. I got to hug and talk to them a little too, and they autographed my poster. I would love if they attended Rufflecon this year. I haven't been keeping up with them lately, but if they still make music these days or perform, I would be so happy if they came!

My wall poster!

Kamijo Kabe-don Corner

Need I say more? I think the ovaries of many ladies would explode, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.  And for his male fans, heh you guys too. I know he's already coming for his World Tour, but to have him for a whole weekend? Possibly dangerous, but boy would I love it. I could totally see people stalking him around the hotel though. We would need some super security for him. 

Other than the Kabe-don corner, a Masquerade performance would really do me in. 

If even one of these came true I would be happy, trust me. These guest events would include panels and signings as well!

Dream Events and Content

I'm glad that this year the convention will be spanning the full three days instead of the two it was last year. This means I need to arrive at the con either Thursday night or early Friday morning. This depends on who I will be rooming with at the con and what we can afford accommodation wise. But this year, I'm going to be on point with timing and planning, not like last year when I missed a bunch of stuff and slept in every morning. I also need snacks for the morning and tea, I really need my tea. 

Anyway, lets talk dream events and content!

Fashion Show and Marketplace 
Featuring Haenuli, Innocent World, Jane Marple, Atelier Pierrot, Excentrique, Mary Magdelene - Obscure and Often Unseen Brands

Image via Lace a la Mode Blog - Marketplace Rufflecon 2014
It happening is well, a given. This is the bread and butter of any fashion convention or conference. But to see some of these more obscure or up-and-coming brands like Haenuli, would be quite lovely. 

I'm quite curious about the designers of Jane Marple and Excentrique. I don't know who they are at all so to see that would be quite interesting. I'm over BTSSB and Angelic Pretty shows, not that I don't love the brands because I do, but I really want to see something else. 

I also don't know much about the designer(s) at Atelier Pierrot, so that would be cool too, plus they are one of my biggest inspirations.

I know the Innocent World designer also came to PMX last year I believe? I LOVE Innocent World so that would make me so happy. 

Grimoire Pop-up Shop in the Marketplace

It would be awesome to see Mori, Dolly Kei, and Vintage fashions included in Rufflecon. I'm not sure if its really related, but I believe it is as these styles fuse with Lolita quite often. Maybe at least the tights? They make such lovely tights! Maybe not Grimoire, but just an incorporation of the stylings into items available for purchase or even a panel about fusing these styles with lolita? Is that trend dead? Because I still really like it. Oh well, my blog my opinions I guess. 

Western Indie Brands

I Do Declare © Xin Lolita Photography 2014

I would also love to see the continuance of Indie Brands, and more of them! I also hope to become a part of that soon. It won't be this year, but maybe next year, who knows? My favorites last year were I Do Declare, Morrigan NYC, Moss Marchen, Moss Badger, The Snow Field, and Belladonna. It would also be cool to see brands like Peppermint Fox, Lady Sloth, and 4 O'Clock present as well. 

Classical Music

Ultimate dream would be a constantly playing live orchestra playing little shows throughout the floors of the convention daily, giving a little show here or there and playing works from some of my favorite composers (Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, to name a few.)

I would also just love to see more Lolitas who are classically trained in music giving panels and small performances. There was like one girl there last year but I missed all of her panel and her performance because of conflicts in schedule and I was very bummed about it. I hope there are more this year. I totally missed the talent show wholly last time as well, so I can't say anything about last years performances. 

I would love to see Lolitas play actual instruments all through the weekend in stop, drop, performances. Like girls literally toting around violins, flutes, and other small instruments and playing them here and there. 

Again, I really need to schedule better this year to be sure I see as much as I can. 

That's all I can think of at the moment, do you have any dream Rufflecon guests and events? They can be as farfetched and crazy as you can imagine. Do you have more believable ones too? Leave a comment! I'm super interested! Or write your own post too!

Thanks for reading~

Friday, February 13, 2015

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Plans for 2015

I'm dubbing 2015 and my year of "Lolita Reawakening", and why? Well, after rekindling my love for the fashion after my trip to Japan last Summer, my desire to fully submerge myself in the Lolita lifestyle (not textbook lifestyle, but more in a general sense of the term) has really kicked in this year.

I. Sewing, Crafting, and Design

Creatively I'm owning up to my true "lolita senses", sewing lolita garments and accessories exclusively since the beginning of the year and continuing to stay inspired to create more. I've decided that at this point of my life that the fashion is definitely something that will always be a part of me and my design sentiments and aesthetics. There is no room for denying it anymore. I found that throughout my college years and even after I graduated in May of 2013, the love for lolita fashion repressed in me a lot due to being busy and not having much money or time for the hobby. Then I began working full time, and the money became less of a problem, but the drive was still lacking.

Then Japan happened last Summer. Life altering changes in my desire to wear lolita fashion.

Then job loss happened, but the desire for lolita fashion has not subsided. Now I basically found the motivation to sew lolita clothing full time since I haven't returned to work yet, and it has been working out rather well. I recently sold a full three piece collection of garments! I have a list of requests and a hoard of fabric to get to!

I also have a few pieces overdue to make for myself. Some examples:

 Powder Blue Antique Rose Rococo OP

Fabric is a Mary Rose Collection floral from
Mary Magdalene's Antoinette Fleur OP
This dress is like what, three or four years in the making for me? As soon as I saw the original release of Mary Magdalene's Antoinette Fleur, I simply fell in love with the silhouette and wanted to make one of my own for myself. I found this gorgeous floral fabric and I knew it was meant to be. 

I sketched my ow design for this in my journal awhile ago but I think I will make some changes to that, so I won't share it here because I'm sure it will change. I do want my sleeves a little more dramatic. I hope to have the bodice pattern done soon so I can make the dress in time for upcoming events that I will discuss later. 

I'm still looking for a nice textured cotton fabric in white to pair with the floral print. 

Floral Stripe JSK

Fabric is another Mary Rose Collection fabric from Shabby Fabrics.
Mary Magdalene yet again!

I bought this fabric at the same time as the other one planning to make a JSK like these Mary Magdalene ones. The one on the right is Rose Basket, and the one on the left is another one of similar design. I did a quick messy sketch the other day and I really want to make it the real deal soon because it's been way to long. I want to add lace to the straps as well as a ruching detail on the bodice out of lace. The striping style of the fabric I have is extremely similar and overall I want to keep this dress simple. I want to do pleats too, which is something I have only sewn once, so it will be a nice challenge. I can't wait for this one to be done so I can have it in time for Spring.

I also have these recent fabric purchases to deal with! Books, Crosses, and Bibles! I plan on making a book print JSK for myself and one to sell. I was inspired by the ones IW and JetJ realeased a little while ago. I haven't decided on the designs yet. I also plan to make a cross print JSK/OP for myself as well, but I have four yards of it, so additional garments for sale will come there too. I'm also selling all of the Bible print dresses/skirts. 

This is not even all the fabric I have. There is so much work to be done and I can't wait to see it all come together this year.

II. Expanding my Wardrobe

The bulk of this really occurred last year, but I finally have a wardrobe I'm proud of and quite satisfied with. I just received the items from my recent Taobao GO, which were some essential items like blouses and cardigans. Though I still don't have much compared to some other lolitas, I'm still quite satisfied with my current wardrobe. I purged a lot of my older items last year too, leaving me with a fresh new start.

My true goal for 2015 is to have a handmade JSK, OP, or Skirt to equal the amount of brand ones I own. Then I believe I will really be happy with my wardrobe. Yes I have many dream dresses, but my handmades are my true treasures.

In addition, I am severely lacking in the shoe and bag department. I'm in serious need of a black bag suitable for gothic lolita that functions as an every day bag. I don't want anything in some type of shape (like a coffin, bat, etc), and I prefer a bag that can convert into a sling satchel or back-carry, like those three-way school bag style purses. I want them in black, brown, and beige. After that I'm basically set for life, so that's my goal to acquire this year. And in terms of shoes, all I want is shoes that are comfortable and cute. Most of my current shoe collection is ill-fitting and difficult to wear and I'm really fed up with it. I also have very large feet for my petite stature (about a 26cm) so buying shoes overseas is always a big drama and basically impossible. Bodyline is pretty much my best bet.

III. Meetups and Gatherings

I've been attending more meetups too since the end of last year and now this year the momentum is keeping up. I have a meetup or event to attend almost every weekend for the months of February and March! It has been great and I find I'm becoming more open to others socially, which was always difficult for me. I'm also taking charge and planning my own meets too. I've been a member of my local community since 2008.

I have a meet up and coming that I'm hosting, in which I'm leading (with the help of a few other lolitas) groups of ladies around New York City's acclaimed Garment District, where fellow lolita DIY-ers can purchase fabric, trim, and notions for their planned sewing and crafting projects as well as seek guidance on said projects from seasoned seamstresses and crafters of the community. I'm hoping it will be successful and informative for everyone and I can keep hosting them in the future.

I also want to plan a Classic Lolita/Rococo themed picnic in Prospect Park in Brooklyn for the late Springtime. Nothing too large scale, most likely just a gathering with a few friends. We'll have some games, easy breezy foods (and not all sweets!), drinks, possibly ride the boat by the pond? Just a tentative idea.

It's too early to have anything solid for International Lolita Day, but I'm still excited about the possibilities! I hope this year will be a busy year for me in the world of meetups.

I don't wear lolita much outside of meetups, but I do hope to change that and wear it at other appropriate times too.

IV. Big Events

Rufflecon. Rufflecon. RUFFLECON!

You can see me pictured here on the far right below the logo! Image via
After last year I'm freaking out like crazy about what's in store for this year! Tickets will be on sale soon and I can't wait to snag mines! This time it will be in Stamford, CT which is an hour long train ride from the city via Metro North (opposed to Hartford, which was about under two hours).

I'm so freaking excited.

This time I want to have handmade outfits for every day of the convention, which is why I have to get in gear to have many options for when the event rolls around. I do have time though, but I want everything to be flawless. The level of coordination skills was so high that everyone has to be on their A+++ Game all weekend long. I considered vending, but I don't think I'm ready to do that yet. Hopefully by 2016 I will have the opportunity. Maybe I'll sell via the consignment room or the Lolita Collective (if that is at all possible).

Will I go for VIP tickets this year? That would depend on my funds and the availability. But my body is so ready.

I also have to be less shy and talk to more lolitas this time around! I was painfully reclusive last time, and I feel like I shot myself in the foot. Since I'm also there to connect with potential customers, it's important to network!

This is looking so far to be a huge year. I'm being optimistic and taking things one day at a time.

Who else is posting? See their entries here:

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Musings and Things: Trials and Tribulations of a Lolita Fashion Designer

I was inspired to write this post after reading a status on Facebook from a new friend of mines and a fellow Lolita seamstress/designer, Chobi.

An interesting thing about our informal meeting is that we sat at the same table at the Rufflecon High Tea, not really knowing much of one another at the time. Number one, I was floored by her dress, her coordinate and dress making skills. Being a seamstress myself, I get really excited to see fantastic handmade work in person. She designed and made the most beautiful red jumperskirt with inlaid painting motifs from art history and ruching ruffles all around! At the time I shyly complimented her (I was very shy and nervous the entire time at Rufflecon, it was a bit overwhelming), and then at the beginning of the year I encountered her posting on Facebook and commented, and come to find out that she knew me at the time not by face but by the design work I did! I had no idea that my work was that well known, so I was very surprised, but very happy! I was so excited to connect with another awesome seamstress!

Anyway, I am getting somewhere with my rambling, I promise.

So yesterday I wrote up my wardrobe post entry and scheduled it to go live this past saturday afternoon. I came across a post that Chobi wrote on her Facebook page Saturday morning that resonated with me so much that I just had to write about it myself. 

In her terms: Redundancy, Exclusivity, and Sentimentality in Lolita Fashion.  

I literally loved everything she said word for word, but I should use my own, haha. And boy will I use many words. But seriously, her post really got me thinking about what it really means to be a lolita designer. In addition to Chobi, another friend and seamstress, Angel (Atelier Angel on Etsy, check her stuff!) had also shared her thoughts on some similar notions that I've been thinking about too in relation to this topic a little while back. Wavelengths merging and such I guess.

I. Redundancy - Hyper Creativity vs. Cookie Cut-and-Go Design

The dream of many Lolita Fashion Designers on the Indie scene is to be as acclaimed and respected (almost maybe worshipped, but that is an extreme) as the designers of the major Japanese brands. Even though we rarely see the faces behind the dresses we love from the biggest brands like Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty, the designers are still known widely and have made appearances at several events in the Western world. I admit, personally I would love it but I still like to maintain that sense of "behind the curtain", being quite behind the scenes instead of directly in the limelight. I appreciate my work being valued over myself in the flesh so to speak. This is why I am really flattered when people know my work before they know me - I must be doing something right?

But in being a designer, brand or independent, its hard not to, in Chobi's words, fall into the trap of creating pieces "without considering how to make them stand apart from the rest", in which if the designs basically directly copy that of other brands, follow the "lolita formula" of lace tossed here, hem ruffle, and a bow there, or overall just being too simple and "safe." Yes, when you want to keep producing good items it feels right to stick with what works, but isn't fashion, especially one so out there as Lolita, meant to be a gateway to push the envelope a little? 

There are lots of indie brands nowadays, and being the best of the best is even harder than it used to be. Not only are local designers in competition with each other, they also have Indie brands from China and Korea to reckon with in addition to the overlords of Japan. 

So do you go above and beyond to top them but all the while run the risk of creating something that no one would like? Do you attempt to create something you don't think you have the skill to achieve? Or is it better to play it safe and follow the trends and your capabilities?

For me personally, it's a little bit of it all. 

In the beginning, when I first started out I created pieces that were wearable, fit the mold of lolita trends or basically mimicked the styles of the largest brands. It was 2008 when I successfully created my first pieces and my end goal was very different back then. My skills were much lower and I was a lot less daring. I made things that I could wear to meetups and be comfortable yet confident. But I improved as years went on, and at the same time lolita brand dresses began to become more and more intricate as well. 

While I was busy with college, my touch slipped and I sewed less lolita (I was a Fashion Design student so all my sewing time went into school projects, most of which weren't lolita with maybe two exceptions), but I didn't stop learning more and more sewing skills, so soon enough I began doing a lot of firsts, like underbust with boning, more bustles, lace overlays, and such. I worked with more fabric types and trim variety that I hadn't dared touch before. It was invigorating. 

Now I'm seeking to keep that momentum. Sometimes I try to keep to trends with the intention that my work will be liked and understood, but I have to kick myself and push the envelope a little when I feel like I'm becoming to formulaic. You can't always throw a self-fabric ruffle on the hem of a dress and call it a day. You have to add that strip of braiding, that touch of metallic trim, that chantilly lace overlay, that shantung bustle, that Swarovski jewel detail! 

I do study what the brands do, and the indie designers too from across the spectrum. I do take details I like and make note of them in my sketch journals, but never blind cut and go, I always Russian roulette. It's what makes designing fun for me.

II. Exclusivity - One of a Kind vs. Many of it's Kind

That dress, the one you thought up one night while you slept or while singing in the shower. You immediately scribble out a journal sketch and as soon as you have a breath you are out there seeking out the materials to make it real. Or maybe the fabric may strike your fancy first? Whatever the order was, you make it, it's fantastic! You share it, everyone wants it! But it's your baby and the only one like it and you don't want to let it go.

And you struggle with the thought of making another one just like it.

It's something that comes up with just about every Lolita designer I know and I'm no different. Only recently have I've been capable of parting with the one of a kind items I've made (with the notion that I get so much life out of seeing others in the pieces I've created.) I struggle to make a dress the same way twice; actually I never have. Every piece of clothing I have ever made has been in fact one of it's kind and if someone asks for a direct reproduction, I have always refused. Usually because of lack of materials, but sometimes it's not that, I just don't want to do it.

I just get bored. Everything I make has to be a little different from the last. Technique may have its similarities, but fabric, trim, finishing - always different. I feel like my creativity stagnates if I make something more than once. I recycle patterns/bodies/silhouettes but you would never know if you looked at the dresses because the end result is still different.

For example, these dresses I made:

The overall silhouette is the same. I shortened the waist and lengthened the skirt on the first dress, as well as added the side lacing, but the general body is basically cut from the same pattern. And the kicker, the pink dress as a gold lace bustle back for that added touch of OTT while the red one is plain and simple. 

Another example that's a little different, my recent "Walking Museum" Collection:

Same print, same upper fabric, three totally different silhouettes and trim variations, all still one of their kind. 

The painting dresses were in fact popular and highly exclusive. I couldn't meet the demand of their full potential because this time I lacked the material to meet the demand. But if I did have the material to make say, three more pieces? I still don't think I would have it in me to make copies of each piece. I would have done three totally different concepts. 

Every designer wants to make pieces they know will sell. It really sucks to put a lot of work into a piece or a collection of pieces to only see them collect dust unnoticed and unwanted. You have to remain confident and if the customer base is there, they will buy. Hinting and previewing on social media also helps to bring the hype - it's vital to being successful in the indie designer market. 

When it comes to one of a kinds however, someone of a particular size is bound to get left out, and there is where the drama starts. In 99% of cases, a lolita dress is not going to be one size fits all. (This applies even more so to the Children's dresses I've designed for Lilith et Adaila.) You feel obligated to create your pieces in additional sizes but then you run the risk of losing that exclusive title, but you want to please your customers...

The struggle. 

Ultimately, one day I will have to become content with dropping the one of a kind special when expanding my business in all facets of what I do. It's about the bottom line and productivity when it comes to really making a living off of your craft opposed to having it be just a simple hobby. If your end game is being head designer of your own company, that is the reality ahead. If you want it to remain a hobby, then maintaining exclusivity is easy. 

However, you can mass produce while at the same time creating one of a kinds, but to be truly successful, you have to be a stand out in both realms! Your one of a kinds ahve to be show stopping pieces that can be differentiated from your mass produced, but your mass produced still have to hit the mark! Until I have the means for it, I'm happy with my diamond in the ruff pieces that a handful of ladies own. 

III. Sentimentality - Owning Pieces that Have Meaning 

I recently posted my Wardrobe Post for 2015, and after rereading the descriptions I made for each dress I owned, both handmade and brand, and after reading what Chobi said on the subject, I realized how each of my pieces aren't just willy nilly grab and go one, two, threes. I mean, they are just not allowed to be.

When I first became a lolita as I've said before, I could not afford brand, plain and simple. That was my main reason for making my own pieces. Raw sewing materials are ten times less than retail and even secondhand brand prices. 

But I did desire to own brand. There are simply things that cannot be replicated, like prints. I do not desire a single brand dress that is non-printed because no matter what I can make it myself.

My first two brand dresses were gifts. That makes them highly significant to me. They were also both long time dream dresses. Then I went to Japan and bought my first brand pieces with my own money in the stores and country they originated, which made the sheer experience of acquiring them better than I could have ever imagined. If I told my sixteen year old self that she would purchase her first brand dresses during her first trip to Japan, she would cry at the thought! All six of those dresses have a huge sentimental value to me just because of that. 

Which dress was literally the very first? Metamorphose Secret Library bought directly from the Shinjuku MaruiOne shop (read that full story here) and it was the best shopping experience I could ask for. I don't think I will ever part with any of the dresses I bought in Japan of I can help it.

That leaves me with the thought - though I may have many dream dresses, for the piece to be truly valuable? There has to be a more significant form of attachment to the piece. Most of my most highly desired dream dresses have elements that I just love on a higher level than that of anything else in the fashion. From themes, to motifs, to colors (especially uncommon colors like teal and purple), the look has to be just right to make it into the high ranking dream dress status. There are also dream dresses I want more than others and I won't ever just buy something because it's there. I love the hunt, the fleeting desire, the fantasy of it all. If it's just handed to me it's no fun! I wouldn't want to magically wish all the dream dresses into my closet. They will come to me when the time is right, and if not a dream is a dream. They are just dresses. Material items are not allowed to dictate my happiness. 

Automatically, all my handmades have a certain value above all my brand dresses since I literally made them of my blood sweat and tears - often quite literally. Even though I've sold some (my whole skirt collection) or retired a couple from my wardrobe (those being my Red Velveteen JSK and my Brown Toile JSK which were my first two JSKs ever made, are now ill fitting and worn out. They have been archived away), I made them and they will forever be special. 

My goal of 2015 is to have a handmade piece in my wardrobe for all of my brand ones. I won't be buying much brand this year and instead buy more raw materials to make my own stuff in addition to making pieces to sell. 

And that was a lot of words. If you read all that? Bless your soul. It took a lot out of me to remain coherent. I rambled, but this was meant more as a personal reflection after all.

Please share your thoughts in the comments! I would really like to read some more opinions on the subject.

Thank you for reading! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

My Wardrobe Post 2015

I'm quite late to the party here but I was just in the mood to take the photos for my wardrobe the other day after doing my Taobao Haul post. I was like, well I finally feel confident and a bit set with my current wardrobe, so why not document it? I hope you will enjoy, I don't think I will post it up on EGL or anything. It's just for a bit of personal reflection. 

Very photo heavy so I'm going to place it under the jump!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Taobao Mini Haul + Reviews of my items!

So after about two and a half months of waiting, the giant box of Taobao swag finally arrived at my doorstep! I hosted a GO with four other friends for items like blouses, cardigans and accessories. I didn't allow shoes or bags, but I wish I did because I have a severe lacking in Lolita shoes and bags. However, I have always had trouble with shoe sizing from Taobao, thus why I'm afraid to risk it anymore.

I used the website, which I LOVE. Service is amazing and everything came in correctly. I highly recommend them. The site layout is great and it is very simple and easy to use. I will never use any other Taobao shopping service again. There customer service is also excellent and prompt. I can't wait until my next order, but it won't be until I'm working full time again.

Anyway, onto the photos! (Click the small photos to view them larger!)

Overflowing with stuff!
Item I: Boguta White Petticoat

This petticoat is amazing. My previous petticoats have been handmade or repurposed underskirts, all of which have died. I also never had a proper white petticoat and thus wore my black one with everything. Luckily my closet is mostly dark so it worked out, but I do have a few pieces which white would be better. It might be a little too poofy!

It's made of organza and dot tulle. It's also lined with tiered white cotton fabric. It's simply perfection. Totally recommend it. I really do want it to flatten out a little though.

Item II: AP Style Knit Cardigan

I really wanted this in Red but it wasn't available, which is still disappointing to me because it would have matched more items in my wardrobe if it were red. I ended up deciding on Brown instead, which I do like. I plan on wearing it this coming weekend for a Chocolate meetup! The knitting is very sturdy, the yarn is quite thick and durable, and seems like it will be very warm. Hopefully I can get Red next time if they offer it again. I also liked the Cream which one of my friends had gotten.

Technically this is a replica item, but it's not print and a pretty generic lolita/girly style cardigan, so it's not anything to fuss about honestly.

Item III: Elpress L Off White Chiffon Cardigan

I was floored by how princessy and extravagant this is in person. Seriously, I don't own anything so fancy and I'm almost questioning whether or not I should keep it, but it's so pretty I don't know if I can stand to part with it. Currently it matches like one thing in my wardrobe, which is a little ridiculous, but hopefully I cam make/acquire some more OTT pieces to go with it. For now it's going to sit tight in my closet. 

Plus this item held up our order for an extra 2 weeks so for now it's staying!

Item IV: Pumpkin Cat Chiffon Bolero

This will be my new staple for Summer gothic/dark colorway coordinates. It's so light at flowy and excellent quality! I wish I got this is Cream too! Hopefully I can snag that next time around. It has this adorable bow embroidery on the lace as well. This is the perfect piece!

Item V: Pumpkin Cat Chiffon Blouse

This is my favorite item of the whole haul. It's amazing quality, awesome craftsmanship, lovely details! Exactly as pictured too, it's just too perfect. I tried it it on and it fit perfectly. It's a great piece and coordinates with basically all my dark colored JSKs effortlessly. It comes with this detachable neck tie which I could even use with other blouses if I really wanted too.

I really can't wait to wear this. The sleeves are my favorite!

Pumpkin Cat is such a great Taobao brand and I will be stalking them form here on out. They had a lot of other fab items that were either out of stock or they didn't have the color I wanted available. They are in fact pretty popular.

Item VI: Infanta Black Chiffon Blouse

Okay so this one was a slight disappointment. The overall construction is great and it's soft and pretty. Firstly, I wish I got it in Cream. I had a Cream Surface Spell Blouse originally in my order, but when SpreeNow placed the order it was no longer available, which was so disappointing. By then they had already placed the order for this one in Black. Secondly, though the fit is great (I purchased Size M), the elastic in the sleeves is awfully tight! It literally cuts off my circulation. I think I have no choice but to replace it so it has more give. Otherwise it's fine, but I still wish I had Cream because now this blouse is so similar to the Pumpkin Cat one. Oh well...

I am in serious need of a long sleeve chiffon blouse in Cream now. 

Item VII: Alice Garden Cream Floral Crown
Item is no longer available but here is a link to their shop:

It's cute but I don't know why there are those feathers on it! It wasn't like that in the picture... I was thinking if I should cut them off but it doesn't take away from the overall look when on so I guess I will just leave it alone. 

I've been collecting a lot of these floral crowns recently. I think they are my favorite accessory. I like adding other roses into my hair with them too. Garden head all day every day. 

That's all folks! I also took pictures for my super late Wardrobe 2015 post which I should have up hopefully sometime this week. I'm unsure if it's still okay to post it on EGL, but I will definitely be posing it here.

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Taobao-ing!