Sunday, June 26, 2016

If My Soul Had a Soundtrack...

Ever wonder how your soul would sound if it had its own musical soundtrack? Does it change daily, according to your mood? Does it have a constant theme that carries through no matter how you are feeling? Or is it a single song alone?

I began thinking about this today after revisiting some music from one of my favorite bands, Avenged Sevenfold. I listened to a playlist on YouTube of some of their top songs, such as "Beast in the Harlot", "Bat Country", "Nightmare", and more. It really got me hyped up and I remembered why I love their music so much. Their sound is hardcore, almost vulgar, devilish, fast-paced most times, and highly melodic. Some of my favorite musical attributes are encompassed in their music.

I like a lot of Rock/Metal bands, but A7X is definitely close to my heart, along with bands like System of a Down, Slipknot, Green Day, to name a few. That's why I began thinking of what my soul would sound like if it had it's own soundtrack.

I think A7X's music is just that. That sound at least.

You must be thinking if you know me, or maybe if you don't know me, how the hell does a "sweet and mild mannered girl" like you get any type of Metal music from their soul?

When I discovered the Metal genre, it was something completely new and foreign to me. It was music that "people like me" aren't supposed to be listening too, i.e I'm a Black girl, so stuff like that is apparently "too white" for me. And maybe too "scary"?


You see, I like what I like, and it usually takes me off the usual path. This goes for a lot of things. I also like a lot of different types of music, but if I had to honestly think of a certain sound of music that represents my soul, it would be melodic Metal music.

It's hard to choose just one band if I had to be honest, I like many, but A7X has this certain flair that, just speaks to me.

No I haven't betrayed you Moi dix Mois! 

My soul is always screaming out but its outside appearance is silent. I like to think if people on the street could hear the rhythm of my soul, they would be afraid of it. It takes just the right kind of people to listen to it and think it's amazing. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone, but I think about this a lot.

I'm a nice person, I'm not violent or anything, but I often feel underestimated by society and the people around me. I feel like people think my soul is meek. I often surprise people who don't know me as well when I'm dropping the names of my favorite Metal bands or belting out dark sounding melodies at a karaoke party. The surprise I get from people who don't know really amuses me!

When I was in high school, I used to listen to Metal really loudly on the train rides going to and from school (an hour long commute that sadly hasn't changed much since), and old grannies/aunties would stare at me and shake their heads in disgust and perhaps disbelief that it was coming from me. I even had one woman call me the devil in Spanish once. That also, coupled with the way I was dressed back then (Hot Topic Goth/Punk), probably made an impact. But I was always very small and young looking, even to this very day.

These encounters have shaped who I am, which is, a person full of surprising attributes, many that can't be uncovered at face value. I'm proud of that deception.

So sometimes I wish I could let people hear my inner soundtrack, people who believe I'm perhaps that meek individual who is easily manipulated, so they can hear the roar of M. Shadows and the hypnotic thrash of Syn's guitar and run away fearing for their lives.

I now it's a little silly, but it's something I often wish.

Only people that share my bond with their music, or at least understand it, will be welcomed into my world.

I really dislike when people approach me on the street or otherwise and think they have me all figured out! Well guess what, if you heard the soundtrack of my soul, if you are an ignorant person, you probably will be very confused.

It's like, step off already! You don't and will never get me.

I'm talking a lot of nonsense in this post, but if you understood any of that and can relate to me, please comment! I'd like to know what your soul would sound like if it had a soundtrack...

Thanks for reading!
- Aria

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