Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kamijo World Tour 2015 - The Best Experience of My Life

So on June 6th, 2015, I had one of the most wonderful days of my life. Not only was it International Lolita Day weekend, in which I attended a wonderful brunch meetup with friends, and then hang out most of the afternoon surrounded by frills at Tokyo Rebel/Btssb NYC, it was also the day I would finally see my idol live in concert after being a die hard fan for about ten years.

Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos or video during the show, which is good in a way because it allowed me to fully focus on what what happening opposed to focusing on getting good pictures or video. I missed the opportunity to see Versailles in concert eight years ago when they came to New York City, so this whole experience was very important to me. Not only would he be performing Versailles songs, he would also be performing Lareine songs and his solo work. I was most excited for the really old Lareine songs.

Kamijo played with a support band of guys of various origin. On bass I was so happy to see Masashi, who was bassist for Versailles (following Jasmine You's passing) right before they disbanded.

The show began after several hours of waiting. I lost it when they began playing "Fuyu Tokyo" which is one of my favorite Lareine songs of all time. I couldn't help but sing along and dance, and I felt as though I was almost in tears from happiness. I swear Kamijo even looked at me in the crowd as I was singing my heart out. It was so magical and nostalgic.

A few more oldies were played, including "Finnacailles", which is another favorite of mines. And then he shifted into some Versailles era stuff and more of his solo work. All in all, I was most excited about the old stuff, even though I loved hearing Versailles era stuff live. I don't know his solo work as well unfortunately, but I did enjoy it nonetheless. 

The audience was pretty great too. It wasn't too rowdy and it was pretty mellow. I danced and threw my hands in the air, things that are usually not done by me to be honest, but in that moment I was my inner self, expressing the feelings of my soul which was full of joy and excitement. 

Kamijo is great live. Usually I don't like how most artists sound live, but no he was truly magical. I don't mean to be a fangirl, but it was like he was singing to my soul. Just being in his presence was like a religious experience. I've admired him for so many years of my life, and his music has influenced me all through my teenage life up until my adulthood and I hope that I will still be a huge fan, no, I know I will be for years to come. I'll be 80 years old and still listening to some of the best music ever made by him and his various band members. 

There isn't much more that I can say without spazzing out, but I'm just so thankful that i was able to have this experience. By the end of the show I was exhausted, worn out, feet shot to death, and sleepy, but it was all worth it. If I could I would do it all over again. I don't know if he will ever be back in New York any time soon if ever, but I'm more than happy to have had the time of my life.

Until next time...

"Why don't you touch my heart, 'cause it's so sentimental night..."
Haha, Kamijo's Engrish is a dream. 


  1. I was there too! I wish I would've recognized you and said hi at least. The concert was amazing and definitely will go down as one of the best nights of my life.

    1. Super late response but yea it definitely was such an amazing experience!
      I wonder if I saw you? This is just a hunch but are you Sable? I recognized you from online, I should have introduced myself properly!