Monday, September 1, 2014

Introduction - My Life's Libretto - by Aria Macabre

Hello everyone, and welcome to my newest blog! Some of you may know me through my blog, DIXMACABRE SEWING CHRONICLE, where I post my sewing projects primarily. Or you may know me personally, or from various other social media sites.

I decided to create this blog because I realized I no longer had a personal blog to write on. I used to be an adamant user of Livejournal back when it was the primary "diary" site for lots of people (I was dixmacabre over there, and my blog still exists, though it is mainly friends only.)

I began to miss having a place to write and share things about my daily life and my experiences, so I thought why not create a new place to do so? This won't be as super personal as that blog was, but it may be at times somewhat personal (at least as much a s a public blog can be)

If you are new to my life, here is a little bit of info about me:
Name: Aria (yes that is my real first name by the way!)
Occupation: Children's Wear Fashion Designer (currently working as a Design Assistant in a Children's Wear company and joint-designer of my own Children's Wear Etsy brand Lilith et Adalia)
General Interests: Sewing, Art, Fashion (Alternative Fashion, Lolita Fashion, Children's Fashion, Vintage Fashion, and more), Drawing, Writing, and other stuff, but those are my main interests.
Hometown/Currently Residing: Bronx, New York

Why the name "My Life's Libretto?"
I like using names that are a play off of my actual name. Libretto, in definition, is the written text of an opera or musical piece, and my name is Aria, the song of an opera. It just makes sense right? And on Libretto Macabre, I'm not a dark person, but I do admire things of sorrow and melancholy even though my personality is the opposite. This is mostly related to things such as art, fashion, and music.

What do you intend to write here?
I'm used to writing blogs with specific purposes, but the fun of this blog is that it won't have a specific purpose besides talking about my own life. There will be pictures, daily stories, memoirs, and maybe some creative writing pieces here and there? I will also cross-post a bit between my other various blogs and sites from time to time too.

I hope you enjoy! I will try to update as frequently as I can, even if it's short. I want to make it a habit to start writing again! It has always been a passion for me, so it'll be good to rekindle it in various ways.

Thanks for reading!

- Aria Macabre


  1. Oh thank god, a blog that is a blog and not that "lets use this as a publicity thing and call it a blog" thing. I'm very happy to hear this news and i have obviously added you to my read list. <3

    1. Yea most definitely! It's nice to have a place I can just write again about my life freely. Totally not looking for that e-fame (I'm such a private person anyway) Thanks for becoming a reader, I read your blog all the time. I often find I leave the tabs open with different posts of yours so I can remember to leave a comment!

  2. And officially followed.... Absolutely love the diary approach of anything goes. Can't wait to hear all about your musings and adventures!!