Friday, June 3, 2016

Let's Play Dress Up! Celiné tries Lolita Fashion for the First Time!

Hi everyone! Long time no post I know, but I was feeling inspired to blog again so I thought, why not just stay up late on a workweek night to do a bit of blogging? I won't regret it right? Well at least tomorrow is Friday!

So about a month ago, the lovely 'Sunshine Empress' Celiné spent a weekend with me. Not only is she amazing to be with and a wonderful companion, I couldn't help but imagine how she would look in Lolita Fashion!

Maybe not all lolitas, but some do have a strong desire to dress up their closest companions in their frilly garb. I'm one of them. For the longest I've wanted to dress up someone who is a non-lolita in the fashion and take some photos and such.

Celi is perfect!

We are both generally the same size (well besides shoes, because I'm bigfoot) so she fit into my stuff rather easily! She was very excited to try an outfit on, and the whole time she smiled and giggled with excitement! This made me truly happy! Photos, shall we?

I dressed Celi up in Angelic Pretty's Tiara Rose JSK. I'm not really a sweet lolita, but I do have a few sweet pieces that I like to coordinate in edgier ways. Celi however loves pink, so why not dress her up in the sweetest items in my current wardrobe?

The outfit wasn't complete or official, and we just wore things indoors, but hopefully we can go out together dressed up for the day! I look forward to when that day comes. Perhaps even bring her along to a meetup! She admires the fashion a lot and is really in awe of all the lolitas she has seen in real life. I could only imagine how things may blossom for her. Future lolita in the making? Only time will tell!

Here's one of us together. Earlier that day I went to a small picnic meet in the park where I was wearing a totally different outfit, but since Celi insisted, I threw on my Chantilly OP, a black wig, and a flower crown to frill it up with her. Excuse my no makeup bare face! By this point I was already winding down for the night, haha!

Oh yea, and don't mind the mess in the background, I tried to crop out most of it. Don't mind my lack of accessories, I literally threw this on just for fun! This dress, is sooo comfortable though!

Isn't she just too cute? She really makes the perfect Sweet Lolita and I can't wait for us to officially dress up together again. I was literally flailing the whole time over how amazing she looked! Lolita fashion suits her so well, and even if she doesn't pursuit the fashion on her own, she's always welcome to my closet <3

After the dress up session, we stayed up late watching the Shoujo Anime "Oniisama e", which we are going to finish soon, I highly recommend it by the way if you like over the top dramatic anime with queer undertones and androgynous female characters. It's by Ryoko Ikeda, the same creator of Rose of Versailles!

Looking forward to more frilly memories with you Celiné!

Thank you everyone for reading! 

Have you ever dressed up someone close to you in Lolita Fashion, Ouji, Boystyle or Aristocrat? Please share photos and stories in the comments below, I'd love to see it!

Until next time, take care!

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